I distinctly remember the first time I realized I might have bad taste in television. I was eating waffles and avocado in my apartment three years ago, trying to figure out what to watch online. I had zoomed through Mad Men, seen all of Breaking Bad then-current seasons and watched Desperate Housewives twice. I didn’t feel like seeing yet another horror movie (my favorite genre) and I was definitely not in the mood to watch anything intellectually stimulating. So, without really thinking about it, I hopped on over to MTV and saw an ad for a show about seven very tan people having constant fistfights with thin air. I had heard so many things about it, so I thought, “Why not?” Six hours later…

Jersey Shore - Pauly D

…And I was fucking hooked. Yes, dear Glossers, I am one of those assholes who loves Jersey Shore. I know it is The Worst! I know it has brought a whole other level of douchebag to television! I know that the characters are actual human beings whose depressingly stupid personalities put the “real” in “reality show”!

And still, I watch. I’ve had viewing parties with tons of friends and I’ve had marathons on my couch with myself. It’s an eerily addictive show that will make you question whether or not you would actually be willing to hang out with these people because, in all their absurd ridiculousness and seemingly consistent idiocy, they kind of seem really fun.

Since the show is now officially over, I’m feeling a little nostalgic about the program that my kids will view as a clear sign of our generation’s increasingly hastening breakdown. So, let’s take a look back at some excellent moments, shall we?

GIF: Tumblr / Gallery Photos: MTV’s Jersey Shore & WENN.com[ITPGallery]