How much better would this gorgeous dress look if if it were draped on a woman’s frame that didn’t look quite so…emaciated? Victoria Beckham posed for photographers before heading into the 2nd day of American Idol auditions in Boston…but her gaunt cheeks and pin thin waist suggest Posh hasn’t been taking care of herself and continues to be strict with her diet.

It is painful to see someone so gorgeous, innately stylish and unbelievably successful continue to shrink like this. Darling, a few more calories won’t kill you…but they will fill our your fabulous wardrobe with a few more womanly curves that maybe David has missed, hmmm?

We’re not talking thirty pounds here – just enough to get rid of the scary veins and sharpness in your cheeks…you are a legend, dear – we would like to see you around for quite some time so we can continue to be jealous of your beautiful clothes and ridiculously good looking husband.

Skinny Victoria Beckham Too Thin

Image: Fame Pictures