I wanted to write this for the girl or guy who was like me in high school with no interest in prom. “Prom season” can cause so much pressure to plan the “perfect evening” for what is, lets face it, a very insignificant night of your life. I wanted to let any girl or guy questioning going to prom know they don’t have to. Don’t let people make you feel like it’s a contractual obligation. I didn’t attend my senior prom and I’ve never looked back. I had a really fun night with friends and don’t feel like I missed out on some landmark event in my life.

The whole idea of prom makes me roll my eyes. I’m not sure what American women’s obsession with creating pressure-filled “one night only” events like prom and their wedding. I have no interest in either. We build up so much stress and anxiety over this “special day”? In the end we can’t even enjoy the night when it’s happening. Why would someone to put themselves through that?

I wasn’t that into the idea of prom, but figured I’d see what the hype was about junior year. I attended with no date, just friends, and wore a suit instead of a dress. I was such a rebel! Honestly, it was an awful night. So for senior year, I talked some friends who didn’t find dates into having a girl’s night in. We had a slumber party. We wore pajamas, ate pizza, and watched movies. And it was a MUCH better night than junior year. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

If you want to go to prom, then go. I’m not try to persuade you otherwise. I just wanted to give my two cents about not going, since usually you only hear the stories about why prom was so amazing. There was a week about regrets on The Gloss, and while I was impressed with the stories, I don’t like to regret things in life. Now at 25, I don’t regret ever not attending prom and I definitely wouldn’t hype it up to the next generation, whether it be my niece or daughter. Some people do have the “night of their lives” but it’s not for all of us.

When you’re in high school, you are in such a bubble. You think that is your whole world and failing a test will end your chances of getting into that great college. You eventually learn that it was all crap and those four years don’t amount to very much in your very long life span. So while you may feel that you have to have this awesome time at prom, it will probably be like most things in high school… not that big of a deal. You’ll have plenty of chances to dress up in the future. Do what you want but not because there’s peer and societal pressure to do so, but because it’s what YOU want to do.