Hey there, you with the job and the stress and the “productive life.” Do you ever wish you could abide as well as the Dude? Just kick back with a joint and a white Russian and admire how well that trippy rug ties your living room together for hours on end? Of course you do. But how to even begin to capture the Dude’s perfectly Zen-like brand of chill-i-tude?

For many, this might simply be impossible. But if you buy the sweater the Dude (a.k.a. Jeff Bridges) wore throughout cult classic The Big Lebowski, you might be off to a good start. The cozy vintage cardigan is going to be auctioned off in Beverly Hills later this month as part of a Hollywood memorabilia auction, for the decidedly un-chill price of at least $10,000. Online pre-bidding has already begun, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it climbed into the triple digits, so legendary is the Dude’s prowess. Via the auction site:

“There were four sweaters made for the production, this vintage sweater and three modern copies according to costume designer Mary Zophres. Bridges wore this vintage sweater exclusively during the entire production, preferring to wear it all the time and thus delve deeper into the ‘Dudeness’ required of the role.”

I wonder if it still smells like him? I am preemptively jealous of whatever awesome rich person wins this auction.

If $10,000+ is too much for you, Pendleton Woolen Mills is bringing back a “tribute” (i.e. slightly different) version of the design for a mere $168. Or, you could just meditate on what it means to be a noble slacker for the low, low price of free. Remember: true Dude-ness comes from within.