As if marrying royalty, quitting your job to do appearances full time, having hair and make-up people at your disposal for the rest of your life, and having access to the most beautiful and expensive jewelry in the world isn’t already enough for Catherine Middleton, she now gets to also boast a beer that’s been named in her honor.

According to CNN:

“Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham will debut a new brew called “Kiss Me Kate” about a month before the April 29 royal wedding, reports the Nottingham Post.”

At this point, Catherine, I think you’re just getting greedy. In fact, I’m going to start calling you Kate again just to try to diminish what’s no doubt gong to become a huge and dangerous ego. What’s next, a whiskey called single-malt Kate? A wine called Kate-bernet Sauvignon? Te-kate-la being poured into margaritas?

Have we lost all sense of decorum and decency??