Photos: David Gabber/PR Photos; Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

Entertainment Weekly reports that Emily Blunt and Rachel Weisz are slated to star in a movie together in which they’ll play sisters…and that’s about all anyone knows:

“There’s not much else they’re revealing – no title, no plot – only the promise that the acting will be ‘semi-improvised,’ and shot over a few weeks this coming fall.”

My guess is that they’re not revealing much else because there isn’t much else they need to reveal. Sure, Emily Blunt has said some dumb shit about Photoshop, and I’m still a little upset about the whole John Krasinski thing, but the fact is that I still think she’s a great actress — she’s completly compelling, hilarious (Devil Wears Prada), and beautiful.

Rachel Weisz…well, let’s be honest — she’s a little less interesting that Emily Blunt. But I still like her, and I feel like these two together will do something lovely. Whatever it might be.