pauly d

There’s a list on Buzzfeed today called “The Broist Bro Books You’ll Find On A Bro’s Book Shelf.” I tried to analyze it, and I’ll give them, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell seems designed for only bros. But I kind of think they’ve got a few that seem off.

Like… The Great Gatsby. Unless they assume that bros really love Jay Z’s music, and have some false impressions going in. And Beyond Good and Evil? By Nietzsche? It’s exciting that these bros are seemingly philosophy majors in elaborate, popped collar disguise. Likewise, I can’t really see them sitting around discussing the merits of The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon, because, seriously, imagine say, Pauly D doing that. That is not a conversation you would be having, I DO NOT THINK. His still waters may run very deep, and I may be being unfair.

Oh, and, also, all of them, because seriously, what bros do you know who sit around pounding brewskis and and saying “yo, dawg, you will not BELIEVE the prose in The Great Gatsby?” Right, none of them.

As Flavorwire points out, this whole notion is kind of stupid, because:

 This idea that we should claim certain books for a specific gender is a silly one that hardly helps encourage a broader discussion or foster an inclusive literary community. These lists only highlight the fact that men, males, dudes, and bros have already dominated our bookshelves for way too long, and now that we ought to know better, any attempts to do the same just seem a little sad.

So, that.

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