If you thought that buying a wedding dress at Costco was selling out your special day to a big corporation, try this Happy Meal on for size. Time reports that in Hong Kong, McDonald’s is starting to offer wedding packages.

Not only are the receptions at these nuptials delicious (although you’ll be hungry again in an hour), they’re also affordable:

…the basic Warm and Sweet Wedding Package for 50 guests goes for under $1,300. For another $165, the bride can rent a gown of pearly white balloons.

Warm and sweet, people. Warm and sweet. At any rate, the article goes on to report on all the wonderful things you can get with a McWedding: goodie bags with Happy Meal toys, a cake tower of apple pies, and a bunch of balloons.
So the question is — what would you rather have? A wedding dress from Costco, or a McWedding?