I’m not sure that I’ve ever expressed my (previously held) opinions about Amanda Seyfried here at The Gloss, but suffice it to say for a little while there, she was my pet peeve. It mostly had to do with what I considered her less-than-outstanding acting job on “Big Love,” one of my favorite shows.

But I just watched the following interview with Seyfried and Mark Webber (from “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”), and you know what? I take it all back. Webber put Seyfried in some very, very, very, very awkward positions, including asking why she was so hot, and wrapping up by asking if he had a shot with her. Her answers could have gone one of a few ways — unconvincingly self-deprecating, overblown egotism, attempted awkward hipster-ness (the verbal equivalent of standing pigeon-toed on the red carpet) or dismissive.

They were none of the above. Her answers to Webber’s pretty much impossible questions were honest and cute — when he read a fan’s letter asking why she was hot, she said, “Is that a joke?” in what seemed to be a legitimate query. She finally answered by saying, “Maybe he means cause I have big breasts. And I got my big breasts from my mother. And so, that’s how I got to be so hot.”

Well played.

Anyway, you should watch the video, especially if you were like me and thought that maybe Amanda Seyfried was very annoying. Also like me, you will be proven wrong.