Infer what you like about me, but I really, really like Instagram. For those not in the know, it’s a smart phone app that allows users to easily post snapshots from their lives for their “followers” to see. (Usually with some kind of cool filter that makes crappy photos look a little bit better.) I don’t love it in a fashion reporting context (not enough detail!), but as a way to follow what my infinitely interesting friends and Rick Ross are doing, as well as a way to mainline some eye candy when taking thirty-second-long breaks from work, it’s great. As filmmaker Casey Neistat says, it’s like Lucky Charms, but with only the marshmallow parts.

That said, there are definitely ways to abuse it, ways that will make the users who follow you kinda sad. Luckily, the aforementioned social media liker has some tips for you, which include:

-Go easy on the hashtags

-Do not blatantly ask people to follow you (you’ve got the rest of the internet for shameless self-promotion)

-Do not use tilt shift (I must not be a very advanced user, because I don’t even know what this is)

-Do not just post a ton of pictures of your face like Justin Bieber does

-Do post pictures of crazy shoes and other interesting things, like Rick Ross does

-MOST IMPORTANTLY (IMO): DON’T BLEED THE FEED. This means posting a million pictures at once, usually of the same thing.

Now that that’s settled, are there any of you out in the Glossverse who would like me to Instagram stalk you? Post your user name down below. I’m going to break the second rule of Instagram and tell you that my name on there is jamiepeck666, because I’m metal.

(Via Flavorwire)