oprah and stedman love turnips

Considering how I just scrolled through fifteen photos of my friends eating Cheetos, making sand angels, holding dogs, and filtering their selfies, I was surprised to read that all of Instagram is currently on the same strict diet. That’s the story according to Elle, at least.

Basically, a large number of Insta users are participating in the Whole30 program– a version of the Paleo diet that forbids sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes. (See also: Gwyneth Paltrow‘s wet dream.) People are posting pics of #salmon left and right, I guess, in the hopes that Whole30 will get them in shape for #beachselfie season. As a vegetarian who’s spent her whole life thwarting annoying questions about “Where does your protein come from?!”, I try to reserve judgment about what strangers choose to eat. Besides the fact that you’re not allowed to make even tiny mistakes, lest you allow “inflammatory foods to break the healing cycle,” as its website says, my only issue with this diet is that too many people are trying the same thing.

It’s really hard to prescribe an eating plan to large groups of people, considering a) everyone’s bodies are different, b) everyone’s lives are different, c) most diets don’t account for the number of people who struggle with disordered eating, and d) what works for one person might be a horrible system for someone else. I tend to reject fad diets in general, and even though I personally eat somewhat similarly to the Whole30 plan, I’m turned off by the way it’s packaged. I feel like diets that don’t leave any room for mistakes can send people down a dangerous path and teach them that it’s more important to be COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH FOOD than it is to make healthy choices. But, as I said, this might work wonders for someone whose brain works differently from mine. I’m decidedly not a nutritionist, so go with god. (Or Goop. Go with Goop.)

Via Elle / Photo: Oprah’s Instagram