Over at Consumerist, a guy wrote a story about how the person working the drive-thru at a Carl’s Jr. told him point blank that he didn’t “give a fuck” that the order took a long time to make. Customer was pissed, got free cheesecake.

But seriously? Am I surprised? Is anyone? Carl’s Jr. markets douchiness. They go far and beyond simply marketing to douchebags — these are the guys that brought you the talking fetus, the fuckwad slogan saying “don’t bother me, I’m eating” in a tone that suggests that the narrator is simultaneously fondling a young woman that he has recently rufied, and outright, loud-and-proud, fuck-with-me-and-my-daddy-will-get you-fired, entitlement-infested, pink-polo-shirt-with-the-collar-popped, white male privilege misogyny in just about every ad they make.

So really? The guy doesn’t give a fuck? I wouldn’t be surprised if saying that is a part of his job, to upkeep the brand. Goddamn I hate Carl’s Jr.