Well, this is crossing a line. If Google search terms are any indication, people really, really want Kate Middleton to be pregnant and, if she is, they really want to be the first one to know it. We’ve seen so many magazine covers on the subject–People‘s Is She Pregnant?, InTouch‘s First Bump Photos! and A Royal Baby!–but none have been so brazen as to actually just Photoshop a belly on the Duchess. Unsurprisingly, Star magazine was the first publication to go there.

Star full on concocted a Kate Middleton pregnancy cover story for themselves by digitally adding a baby bump to her abdomen (here, HuffPo has the original). Not only that, they’ve significantly lightened up her hair, face, removed a large cocktail ring from her right hand and shortened her left arm so that telltale water glass would be in frame. Basically, this is a shameless composite image, if not kind of a good old fashioned illustration.

Middleton has already had a tough week–what with that French tabloid leaking topless photos of her sunbathing, and enduring criticism from, uh, Emma Roberts and Donald Trump–so this probably isn’t more than a mild annoyance. But, we have to wonder, which is worse: magazines that Photoshop you to look pregnant, or magazines that Photoshop you to look even thinner?