Can someone please explain to me why this video is funny? It’s basically a bunch of grown men offering “advice” to an invisible audience of college students about how stupid college is, possibly based on their own mistakes, which they never would have been able to make and learn from had they not gone to college.

For instance, one man laments for a seemingly endless deadpan (hint: deadpan is funnier if it’s short and sweet) about his college experience: “So let me get this straight. In four years I gain 20 pounds, become addicted to coffee and/or speed, develop regular panic attacks, have sex with multiple partners, contract multiple STDs, rack up $80,000 in loans…” yadda yadda, something about being given a meaningless piece of paper at the end of it all.

So, yeah, no — college isn’t the height of pure intellectualism at all times. It’s also cost-prohibitive for way too many people (remember when there was that whole Occupy movement?), and it’s a misconception to say that everyone needs to go to college when lots of people are very successful without that heralded degree. Yes. There are some serious problems with the way our country approaches higher education. But dude — if you wasted $80,000 by doing nothing over the course of four years but develop an addiction to coffee and have meaningless sex, that’s pretty much your bad. Not college’s.

Oh! And the video has a rape joke. Charming! Maybe you should have paid more attention in your gender studies class, asshole.

[youtube_iframe id=”YbceBQY-4kM”]