Hopefully the house you live in is comely, or the following may offend: there’s a feature over on CNN about a company called HomeVesters that buys ugly houses, cleans them up (sometimes) and then sells them.

Which seems all well and good, but I have to ask — what makes a house ugly? You can have ugly decorating, or a house in disrepair, or a house that’s painted an offensive color. But an outright ugly hosue seems like a non-thing.

This becomes all the more clear when you realize that the houses they’re calling “ugly” look a lot like houses you probably drive by every day, and think nothing of. Indeed, the house pictured at left is one of the winners of the company’s annual Ugliest House competition, and while no one’s saying it would win any beauty pageants, to me it just looks like very other run-down home on every other street in America.

But guess what’s amazing about ugly houses? They’re practically giving them away. Hold on to your pearls, ladies — most of the houses on this list were selling for somewhere around $25,000.

Let me type that again so you know I didn’t make a mistake: $25,000. That means that even if you had to invest the same amount that the house was worth to fix it up, you’d still only have paid $50,000.

Ugly suddenly sounds so incredibly attractive…