So you and your boyfriend moved in together three years ago and have outgrown your one-bedroom apartment. You’re both making enough money to have amassed a nice amount off savings, and are toying with moving out of the city. Now what?

Now you thinking about calling a real estate broker.

Or, you can talk to my mom. Jan Kaplan has been a real estate broker for over 20 years, and has sold houses to hundreds of couples looking for their first home. Around the office, they call her a “lifer.” My dad calls her a dream maker.

I sat her down to ask some important real estate questions about the housing bubble, buying as an unmarried couple, setting expectations and, of course, man caves.[ITPGallery]

Jan Kaplan is a licensed Prudential real estate broker with over twenty-one years experience. She is based in the Hudson Valley area in New York State. You can reach her at: