Image via WENN

Bravo’s The Fashion Show was pretty terrible during its first season last year. I mean, it seemed horrible in the one episode I couldn’t even finish watching. Most of the show came off as an attempt to recreate Project Runway after losing the show to Lifetime. But it looks like the show is going to up its game, starting by firing almost the entire cast and retooling the basic concept. Host Kelly Rowland, who was nice enough but seemed out of place on the show due to her lack of connection to the fashion industry, has been replaced by Iman, who, well, is Iman. Judge Fern Mallis (who was actually pretty good) has been replaced by Laura Brown, editor of US Harper’s Bazaar.

As for the format? Last season, the show was basically a Project Runway retread, with a competition/elimination format. This year, contestants will be split into two teams and will each have to create an entire fashion show in each episode – that means not just clothes, but beauty, hair, lights, music, and decor. That’s actually the most appealing thing about the reboot, as far as I’m concerned – shows take a lot of work and moving parts to produce, and it’ll really give the show another dimension. In addition, it’ll provide even more opportunities to create conflict, which is every reality show producer’s dream.

Looks like I’ll have to give The Fashion Show a second try this year. Who’s with me?