Jo Champa

Well, now. Quite an interesting choice of dresses (shall we call this disaster a dress?) by Jo Champa at the Meet Dave premiere. Incidentally, this flick is rated PG, leading me to believe that there may have been some children in attendance that night. I’m just sayin’…

So, anyhoo, it’s hard to decipher which stunning aspect of this ensemble the eyes are drawn to first. Is it the wing-like, um, wings? Or is it the creepy feathery fringe on said wings? Or maybe it’s the fact that any old Joe could get a really fast upper-body anatomy lesson of a Hollywood starlet in one quick glance? I dunno. What do you think?

Now, I have to admit, dahlings, I’m not entirely familiar with this Jo Champa chicklet, but I sure as hell have to hand it to her for having the mojo (aka ballz!) to wear something like this in public (and be photographed in it). Her plastic surgeon must be quite proud.

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