Jared Leto Blonde EyesIt has been a few weeks since Jared Leto caused a stir on social media. First he made everyone freak out when he chopped off his beautiful ombre Jesus hair and beard, then it was the Draco Malfoy bleached hair and most recently it was shaving off his eyebrows. Jared’s latest post doesn’t have to do with another makeover. (Although his eyebrows have started to grow back in.) Jared teased fans by uploading a video to Snapchat of what his Joker in Suicide Squad could be like.

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In the Snapchat video, Jared is spinning around while the soundtrack to The Dark Knight Returns titled “See You In Hell” plays in the background. At the end of the video, Jared opens his mouth in what some people are calling a “silent growl.” He’s dressed in black and he is rocking his platinum blonde hair.

The Snapchat video comes after Jared recently teased fans with a strange voice at a concert in Russia. During the performance Jared put on a creepy, deep voice and said, “really crazy” when he was between songs. Many speculated that this could be the voice he will be using to portray The Joker. Check out a compilation of the concert and Snapchat below:


What do you think? Is Jared teasing us about his Joker or is he just goofing around of Snapchat? If this has nothing to do with his Joker he is an evil social media genius. He has also succeeded in creating something new to haunt our dreams besides the girl from The Ring.

(Photo: Instagram/JaredLeto)