So, Jay Z was pretty much the best thing at the 2013 Grammys. Not because of his win for “No Church In The Wild,” although that is a good song, and really adds something to The Great Gatsby trailer. Not even because Jay Z is married to Beyonce, who wore some kind of pants suit, because I guess when you are Beyonce you can pretty much do what you want. No. Because of this. Right here:

Jay Z Grammys


I like the way that Jay Z has decided to just sit around, swilling cognac, as though the Grammys were his personal billiard room. Jay Z, you are Jay Gatsby. You will be hunting tigers through the Bois de Boulogne next, and it will be fabulous. Also, I think you are wearing some kind of massive ring possibly shaped like a tiger. Whatever you’re doing, we want to be you. We can’t go anyplace and swill cognac. Live the dream. Live it forever.

And in case you’re interested in accomplishments, here is the video of “No Church in The Wild.” Which is also cool, though probably not quite as cool as just chilling with your cognac, like some sort of Roman Emperor.


Picture via Getty, Wikipedia Commons