jennifer lawrence david letterman

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence, at the Golden Globes, exclaimed, “I beat Meryl!” Were you outraged? Were you offended that somehow Jennifer Lawrence might gloat over beating Meryl Streep? At anything? Not just acting, but anything at all? You are about to feel like a humorless fool.

Last night on David Lettermen, Jennifer Lawrence explained that she was quoting the 1996 revenge comedy First Wives Club. Specifically, the Goldie Hawn character, an aging actress, justifies her existence by shouting “I beat Meryl!”

Regarding the twitter outrage, Jennifer Lawrence remarked “I wanted to make a public statement like, ‘Uh, hey idiots, it’s a quote.'”

I’d completely forgotten about this until Jennifer Lawrence brought it up, and then I realized that Jennifer Lawrence would be a fun person to sit around and watch movies with, because, really, that is a pretty fun movie. Especially the part where Diane Keaton sings at the end. Don’t pretend you don’t love that.

So, basically, Jennifer Lawrence has proved that the entire country has no memory for funny lines in whimsical movies, and she’s better than most people. You can resume loving her and going to all her movies now.

And, if you want, you can also watch the clip of her on David Letterman, here.

Picture via David Letterman