jennifer lawrence golden globes photobomb

Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress last night even though most of us thought the award should go to Lupita Nyong’o, but there is one award Jennifer Lawrence should always be winning, and that’s Best Photobomb.

Here, Buzzfeed caught her coming up the stairs and accidentally interrupting Taylor Swift’s interview with E!. Instead of freezing awkwardly as we would have done, she decided to pretend to be a T-Rex:

“So it’s like we’re all here and we’re all so excited that, like, I don’t know …” Swift was saying, and whatever bons mots Swift was about to grace us with are lost to the ages, because then the moment became all about J-Law. Nothing of value was likely lost.

Swift looks so upright and stiffly poised compared with J-Law that the footage reminds us of the time Courtney Love started throwing makeup at Madonna, who was doing an interview with MTV at the time and trying to look super classy, except that in this case Lawrence and Swift are totally cool with each other. Once Jennifer Lawrence finished stalking her prey, Refinery29 reports that they shared a big celebrity hug and J-Law said, “I just wanted to push you down the stairs.”

We’ve always been bewildered by cool girls. Even in high school, some people can pretend to be T-Rexes and not look like huge dorks, but when we try it we look like giant weirdos. We would be willing to fund an in-depth field study of Jennifer Lawrence with the goal of determining once and for all what “cool” is.