Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson out in NYC

Here’s our girl, Jessica Simpson, out and about with her attached-at-the-hip hairdresser, Ken Paves, in tow in NYC. Here’s my take on Jess:

I love her hair. It’s full, healthy and fab. Guess there is some benefit to having a hair stylist as your BFF, no?

As for the clothes…um, the dress. Is it ill-fitting? I dunno. Where is her cleavage?!? Gawd knows this girl’s claim to fame is her other-worldly rack, so where the hell is it? It’s non-existent with that dress on.

Then I think I might like the frock’s fabric, but maybe not. Is it a smidge on the order of a Hefty trashbag? Maybe so.

The shoes? Hmmm…Not sure I’m in love with those either.

Oh hell. I can’t make up my mind on anything. You can tell it’s Friday, that’s fer damn sure.

Okay, dahlings. It’s all up to you. What say you about J. Simp’s garb? You likey or does she receive a hearty “Oh hail no!” from you? Leave your comments below. And remember, it’s the freakin’ weekend. Let ‘er rip…

Image used with permission from splashnewsonline