this strong thin lady begs to differ

Okay, Jezebel. We need to talk. Listen– I’m totally into you. You frequently make me laugh out loud, you introduce me to things I can talk about at parties, you validate my bitchy moods with your snarktastic snark. We usually see eye-to-eye. But, um, I’m gonna have to call bullshit on one of your recent posts.

You guys just covered the new Terminator prequel, which will reboot Sarah Connor— the character made famous by Linda Hamilton in the original movies (and made embarrassing by Lena Headey in the short-lived TV series). Your post could have revolved around the fact that we’re getting another movie with a lady badass frontman, but you decided instead to make it a body shaming shitshow. According to Jezebel– today, at least– thin actresses can’t be physically strong?

Emilia Clark from Game of Thrones, Brie Larson from United States of Tara, and Margot Robbie from Will Smith‘s Cheating Rumors are reportedly being considered for the role, and you used this information to concoct the headline, “Please Don’t Cast Some Noodle-Armed Broad as the New Sarah Connor.” Hmm. Madeleine Davies writes,

I’m sure all of those actresses are great. They also all happen to look like models, which is nice for their faces, but seems less ideal for Sarah Connor– a woman whose arms should look like they’re made of twisted up Boa constrictors and whose daily breakfast is a simple mix of 12 raw eggs and Muscle Milk.

Yikes. Are you guys seriously implying that having thin arms means you can’t be a strong-ass warrior? Or that these actresses wouldn’t bulk up before playing someone muscular?

I get where you’re coming from– it’s annoying as hell that female characters have to be feminine and small and traditionally hot, even if they’re a sniper or a bodybuilder or one who terminates. But a feminist website has a responsibility to not redirect anger at The Man towards a handful of individual women.

It’d be awesome to see some body diversity in Hollywood, absolutely. I’d love for a female MMA fighter to be on a movie poster. But thin women don’t have to be weak, and it’s careless and shitty to imply that they necessarily are.

Via Jezebel / Photo: Shutterstock