Lena Dunham doesn’t think so.

She tweets that her mom is sassier:

lena dunham joan rivers

And I’m rarely inclined to agree with Lena Dunham, and I don’t really understand eating cake naked, but I feel that way about my mom, too. My mom is not known to be a sassy woman. At all.

I’ve felt like Joan Rivers shtick has been getting old since I was about… every age. Forever. But is it one of those things you’d miss if she wans’t doing it? Does everyone find it kind of shrill? Does one… miss things that are kind of shrill when they’re gone? Does everyone like being shrieked at by Joan Rivers? Or her shrieking at other people? I hear that documentary about her was pretty fun, so some people must like it.

But at this point hasn’t she sort of yelled that enough people look like “streetwalkers“? I don’t mind sassy comedy, but doesn’t it start to feel a bit as though Joan Rivers has become a parody of a sassy lady comedian? Or do people just get to stand around yelling because Joan Rivers is in her 70’s, and at that age you just get a free pass on anything that seems to indicate that you are raging against going with the Grim Reaper (who, come to think of it, in my worst dreams I have always imagined would sound and behave a lot like Joan Rivers).