joe millionaire evan marriot

Well, now we feel terrible.

Yesterday we ran a post where we mentioned that we thought Joe Millionaire (Evan Marriott) was a terrible person because of an interview he gave years ago stating that he wanted a blond with a cute little bubble butt. Sometimes we just throw out vitriol. Then we got the following incredibly nice, self aware letter from him. Ugh! He is a person! Sometimes we forget reality stars are people! We are jerks. We told him the following letter changed our opinion of him, and that we think it will change yours, too. Though the goatee still isn’t working for him. We stand by that. He explains:

Jennifer, its not like me to respond to articles written about me that are this hateful, (believe me there have been plenty), however I only felt it necessary to write to you because this article really hit home with me and I wanted an opportunity to apologize. I remember vividly the interview I did and the comment I made about the girls on the show and the ideal girl for me. Truth is, I never really wanted to be on TV and because I didn’t understand the repercussions of how popular the show was going to be, when it came time to handle the minimal celebrity that I had, I failed miserably.

As I have mentioned in past articles, I was running wild, spending money, partying hard and thinking the ride would never end. The past 6 years of my life have been spent dealing with issues (most self inflicted) that I obtained because of a pretty unexplainable rise to fame all the while taking stock of the shame and heartache that I may have left in my wake. Sure, I gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars to good causes and those I wanted to help, but that was only overshadowed by the ridiculous thought that I would be on top for a long long time. The person my parents raised was better than the one I showed the public when I was introduced to America. No Jennifer, I don’t look like the guy that America knew as Joe Millionaire back in 2003. However In the end I guess have nothing to prove to anyone. The only thing I can really do is move on.

You’re right about one thing though Jennifer, people in reality television can be terrible people. Their main focus is all about how they can gain fame and steamroll everyone else around them in the process. Only shows like American Idol, and Top Chef produce people with actual talent and for that, they should be commended. I reflect back to that interview I did with you in 2003 and think about what a douche I was. I know for certain my parents were unhappy with it and that’s good enough for me. All I can say to you is I’m sorry. Other than giving you some really good dirt to print, I showed you a person who didn’t deserve a good review to begin with. Thank you for letting me express these thoughts.