I’ve never been photographed for a major magazine before (I know, it is surprising), but apparently it is akin to being forced to have sexual relations against your will. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnny Depp has this to say:

Well, you just feel like you’re being raped somehow. Raped … It feels like a kind of weird — just weird, man… Whenever you have a photo shoot or something like that, it’s like — you just feel dumb.

Now, look. I’m sure Depp didn’t mean to offend. But for correction’s sake, I’d like to point out that rape victims probably experience emotions that are a little more powerful than feeling “weird” or “dumb.” Like, you know — abject terror, PTSD, physical pain…that sort of thing.

So maybe photoshoots feel like…a violation? Being taken advantage of? Being objectified? Yes, some of the same words one might use to describe a rape, but still…not rape.