Jordin Sparks was on The Wendy Williams Show this week to promote her new album, “Battlefield”. Unfortunately, so much attention was spent on her abundance of wavy hair extensions that no one really had time to properly pull together a flattering outfit.

Which is too bad, because the way that skirt is hugging her figure, you’d never really be able to acknowledge that Sparks is actually looking quite fit and curvaceous these days. This particular skirt is transforming said curves into unflattering lumps and wrinkles around her thighs…which would make even the skinniest woman look like she’s got a pudgy lower half.

I really have nothing to say to the tube top her poor skirt is paired with – other than it looks like something a teenager headed to an all ages club for virgin strawberry daiquiris would wear.

Hopefully the album is better than this outfit.

Jordin Sparks on The Wendy Williams Show

Image: Fame Pictures