A Seattle woman got a serial groper and street harrasser arrested this week when she posted his photo to Twitter and dozens of other women recognized him from their own attacks.

Julia Marquand was walking down the street in Seattle when she says a man came up behind her and grabbed her ass. He kept walking like nothing happened, but Marquand wasn’t going to take it. She reportedly chased him down and bravely confronted the alleged groper–and this is actually brave, not pretend brave like going outside without makeup, because running after someone who has just committed sexual assault is a risky proposition. She didn’t know how he would react, but she chased him anyway and took his picture.

“I know the difference between being bumped into and being groped,” she told Q13 Fox. “I pulled out my phone and I just started snapping pictures.”

She says she took her photos to the police, but they didn’t even want to see the pictures.

“This dude groped me in Seattle yesterday,” she Tweeted. “Cops didn’t want the pic.”

Other people retweeted and related their own street harassment stories, and several said they recognized the man in the picture as the person who had groped them as well.

As the photo went viral, one police officer took notice. A probation officer recognized the man in the photo as Daryl Sharma, a level 3 sex offender who had been convicted of groping another woman and who was out on parole. He was arrested again and is repotedly currently in jail.

“If anyone was groped by the same man, please call 911 and file a report,” Marquard Tweeted. And others did.

“Wanted to say thanks for being so proactive about this situation. I’m able to press charges b/c he was able to be identified,” another woman replied.

Photos: Twitter/JuliaMarquand