Mariah Carey

Dahlings, I can’t believe I just said “da bomb” publicly, but cripe. There’s just no other way I can describe Mariah Carey in this photo.

Sure, I’ve given her some shit about wearing clothing meant for tweens lately, but this is one dress that only a womanly woman could rock. She looks so utterly fantastic here, my snarky self is considering not eating for the next month or so. But that would mean I’d miss out on nacho night, and that just would never do. Not only that, but since I’m all a “role model” and shit, I guess that would be a bad thing for my young readers to hear, right? Or something.

Anyhoo, major, major props and the biggest, most giant Snarkstress Seal of Approval goes out to Miss Mimi. Girl deserves it, for sure.

Image: Used with permission from