Remember when the newest news about Hillary Clinton being awesome was that she participated in her own meme? So do we. But now, the Secretary of State has unleashed even more awesomeness upon the world — over the weekend, she was photographed partying it up in Colombia to celebrate the end of the sixth Summit of the Americas.

Of course, by “partying it up” I don’t mean getting annihilated or losing layers of clothing or anything. I mean that she had a beer. And she danced. And that’s it.

Apparently it’s caused a bit of a scandal, albeit one that’s completely and totally fostered by one lame newspaper: the New York Post ran a picture on its cover of Hillary with her beer and titled it “Swillary.”

Clever, sort of, but mostly lame. Besides, word on the street is that between her group of about twelve friends, they ordered about fourteen drinks. Harlots!

Anyway, it’s doubtful that this non-scandal scandal will go anywhere. Mostly we’re just delighted that Hillary is getting to the point in her career where she just kind of doesn’t give a fuck.

Photos by Getty via the New York Post