Not really an appropriate photo for this story, in retrospect.

A Washington state man named Justin Dain Palmer was arrested recently on allegations that he pointed a handgun at a woman because she was walking down the street, pregnant and smoking a cigarette.

A spokesman for the Bellingham police sais Palmer, who is 24, reportedly “stopped his pickup truck Wednesday to shout at a smoker on a sidewalk, ‘Who the heck smokes when they’re pregnant?'” The woman, who is 28-years-old and eight months pregnant, apparently replied, “I do.” Right about then, Palmer allegedly pulled a gun. To give her a scare? We think everyone here has made some pretty pisspoor decisions. Palmer then drove off and the woman called the police.

Palmer acknowledged confronting the woman about her smoking but denied pulling the gun. Police say they found “two semiautomatic .45-caliber handguns in his pickup’s center console.” This is pretty much the problem with vigilante justice; it’s not all Batman heroics and utility belts. It’s mostly emotional imbalance, stockpiling weapons and unused Ron Paul stickers.

Palmer’s been arrested for this whole debacle, leaving the rest of us to wonder which is worse for the fetus: second hand cigarettes or panic attacks?

(via HuffPo)