justin timberlake ramen noodles birthday collage

The 90s and early 2000s gave the world many of the things it loves, like instant messaging and Beyoncé’s solo career. Sadly, Justin Timberlake’s hair cannot be counted as one of the things that makes us wish it was 1997 again. The only thing more questionable than the cornrows Justin once sported were the many times he turned his beautiful curls into dessicated-looking yellowish locks that resembled a pack of uncooked ramen noodles. In honor of the illustrious occasion that is Justin’s birthday, here are nine times Justin’s signature bleached blonde hair looked like that well-loved staple of every college student’s diet.

1. That time he looked totally ridiculous but made your pre-teen heart flutter anyway 

justin drive myself crazy gif via Tumblr

(GIF via Giphy)

I am sad to say that I once found this entire display, hair and all, to be incredibly dreamy.

2. That time his hair looked so much like ramen noodles that it made him feel a little blue

joey and justin via giphy

 (GIF via Tumblr)

It kind of looks like he and Joey are regretting these questionable life choices they’ve made.

3 .That time he thought that by bobbing his head he would distract us from this questionable dye job

justin timberlake crunk via giphy gif(GIF via Giphy)  

Justin gets two strikes for his gratuitous use of blonde hair dye and the word “crunk.”

4. That time he thought that inviting us to his party would make us forget his sins against hair dye

justin timberlake party on


(GIF via Tumblr)


Just…no Justin.

5. That time he bore a striking resemblance to this dog 

justin dog ramen

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Part of me knows that it’s very wrong to compare Justin to a dog but the rest of me can’t stop laughing at this GIF.

6. That time his hair looked so much like a pack of ramen noodles that he was moved to sing a heartfelt ballad about it

justin timberlake pizza via giphy

(GIF via Giphy)

Or perhaps he left the peroxide in too long and it was starting to sting. It could totally could have been that too.

7. That time that he was totally over our jokes about his hair 

justin timberlake gif let it go

(GIF via Giphy)

No, Justin we will not let your hair sins of the past go (#NeverForget).

8. That time his hair was so noodle-tastic we had look at it again from another angle

justin timberlake blonde via giphy

(GIF via Giphy)

Don’t look at us with that hurt expression Justin. Nobody forced you to walk around like this.

9. That time his hair looked so much like ramen noodles that even got angry about it 

justin timberlake its gonna be may

(GIF via 1079ishot.com)

Okay, so I know that this hair is part of a costume but you’ve got to admit that it’s still pretty accurate.