justin timberlake pregnancy announcement via instagram jessica biel

(Image via Instagram)

In case you missed it, not only did Justin Timberlake turn 34 yesterday he also announced via Instagram that he and his wife Seventh Heaven star Jessica Biel were having a baby. The Instagram photo features a toboggan-wearing J-Timberlake kissing what appears to be Jessica’s totally bare and adorably round midriff.

If you guessed that the Timberlake clan was probably going to tell the world Jessica was pregnant with a gorgeous pop-locking fetus any day now, I’m sure you weren’t alone. Jessica has been walking around Hollywood for at least a couple of months with what appeared to be a pretty noticeable baby bump after all. The only people who didn’t know are probably die hard Justin fans who were holding onto hope that he might one day kick Jessica to the curb and marry them.

But even if the impending birth of a Timberbiel baby (thank you E Online for coming up with that) was no surprise, you still have to admit that this picture is pretty adorable. It would have been nice to see Jessica’s face in this photo though, just saying.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what sex the baby will be yet. The good news is that Justin and Jessica are apparently taking bets. I’m willing to put money on the baby being a girl. Blue Ivy, whose dad Jay Z collaborated on the song Suit and Tie with Justin, probably needs somebody other than North West to play with these days.

My only question for the Timberbiels is why they took a picture of what I’m pretty sure is Jessica’s naked belly in the cold.  Couldn’t they capture this moment in a setting with central heat? Either way, I’m happy for you Justin and I have just one piece of parenting advice. Whatever you do, please, please don’t let this baby dye it’s hair blonde.