Kate Beckinsale is one hot chica, for sure. In fact, I normally totally dig the girl since she’s usually all lovely and stylish and what not.


Something very, very wrong happened here. Somehow on her way to a Fashion Week show her dress became mangled and she was left with no choice but to create a dress out of a Hefty bag. Pity, huh?


Thankfully, she accessorized her, um, dress, but unfortunately, the shoes were another miss. Just what in the hell is the fascination with these things? Seriously, I need to know. Hoof covers like these turn up way too often, and they’re still ugly as ever. Blech.

Overall, I am crazy disappointed in this look. Kate has looked so much better so many times. Why the eff up now, I wonder? At Fashion Week no less.

Whatever. Let’s just all pray she gets some better ideas from one of the shows. Oy, let’s pray…

Image: Bauer Griffin