I would rather poke my eyes out with a makeup brush than watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight, however the minute I saw Kate Gosselin‘s incredible wave of bangs…I couldn’t stop staring.

What can I say about this head of hair…well, for one – it defies all the odds and expectations of the ‘mom hair cut’. Oh, right…sure…this is an easy haircut to maintain.

How is she getting that huge tuft of hair to stay put across her forehead without moving?

Does it fall in front of her eyes?

Isn’t this a driving hazard?

Maybe it’s the years spend taming such a large brood of crying, cranky kids. Her bangs are afraid of her. But that crazy hairdo combined with her ridiculous orange tan (uh, glow?) is breathtaking and vomit inducing…all at the very same time.

Image: PR Photos

Image: PR Photos