Kate Hudson and a friend headed to Pilates on January 3rd. Kate has been in New York promoting her new film “Bride Wars”, which looks hilarious by the way.

When I saw this picture of Kate Hudson, I immediately fell in love with her boots. I love that soft camel color and they look stunning with her white leggings. The buckle detail on the boots adds a little dimension to the shoe. (Her friend’s shoes on the other hand…blech.)

The only complaint I have about Kate’s outfit is that coat. It’s kind of, well, ugly if you ask me. I don’t like the design or the way it looks with the rest of her outfit. I am sure she has a ton of other coats that she could have chosen from that would have looked much better. But hey, she does look better heading to Pilates than I ever have! If someone tried to snap my picture when I was on the way to the gym, I would have to do one of those duck and cover moves.

More pictures of Kate Hudson below.

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Image Credit: Pacific Coast News