Kate middleton pregnant girl

Maybe! There are clues! There are clues about the gender of Kate Middleton‘s royal baby to be (who I am still betting will be named Diana, or, terrifyingly, Dion. Or Balthazar.) And the clues point to it being a girl.

According to The Daily Mail:

Kate’s debilitating morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, is more commonly found among women expecting girls.


The Duchess’s slim build may also hint at a royal daughter. A 2008 study at the University of Exeter showed women who consumed lower-calorie diets were more likely to have girls because female foetuses can survive on fewer nutrients.

And, in perhaps the most disturbing bit of trivia:

Then William’s occupation as an RAF search-and-rescue pilot could also play its part. An American study found pilots had an 80 per cent chance of having girl babies.

One theory is that exposure to radiation on planes reduces the number of sperm carrying male chromosomes, but sperm carrying hardier female chromosomes are unaffected.

Do you think it would bother the royals if they had all girls? Would that still be a national problem? Or would they just shrug their shoulders and say “well, this is essentially a figurehead position now, so it really doesn’t matter, and literally every Elizabeth who has ruled England has done pretty well, so this is great?” Nah, I bet Prince William would behead Kate Middleton. That seems like logic.

Picture via WENN.com