There are a few things I can tell you with some certainty that I will never do again. One is going on an acting audition. Another is slathering my face with honey. And a third is gutting a fish.

I used to gut fish back in my childhood. OK, that’s a lie. I used to catch fish, and then watch my dad gut them. It was horrifying, for all the reasons it seems like it should be horrifying. Must I list them? An animal that was alive one minute ago gets its insides slowly ripped from its body, an act which is supposed to be nothing more to you than a fun-filled afternoon adventure.

Needless to say, this quickly became a source of terror for me rather than a source of summer funtimes. I haven’t fished or watched a fish be gutted in many, many years now.

But the Duchess of Cambridge is apparently made form sturdier stuff than I, because according to recent reports, she spent some time this week with kids camping, fishing, and yes, gutting.

The action went down in North Wales, where Kate is volunteering with a group of scouts as part of a charity backed by Princes William and Henry. She not only cleaned and gutted freshly caught fish, but handed out sausages and hamburgers to the children, allowing them to understand that all of the meat must be eaten, preferably all at once.