As if you needed any more proof that English companies can, and will, use the royal wedding and subsequent royal pregnancy to sell just about anything, online gambling service Ladbrokes (“we make lads broke!”) has just commissioned a terrifying series of photos of fake Kate Middleton and her fake in-laws in an effort to get people to bet on what the sex of the royal baby will turn out to be.

Utilizing professional Kate Middleton impersonator Heidi Agan (who has been purchasing prosthetic bellies of various sizes), as well as a fake Queen, Pippa, and Camilla, photographer Alison Jackson reconstructed such realistic royal baby preparations as “Camilla measures Kate’s baby bump,” “Kate and the Queen paint the baby’s room creatively” and “Kate dips ‘gherkins’ in ice cream while Pippa helps her choose the baby’s name from a book.” Prince William is notably absent.



Kate finds all of these activities hilarious, of course, because pregnancy makes you manic and hysterical all the time. Hormones are fun! However, I would probably crack up too if I saw the Queen of England straddling a children’s bicycle made out of wood.



There’s also one where she’s picking out a onesie that says “I’m bald like Daddy,” which seems like a not-so-subtle dig on the Prince’s receding hairline.

Do these photos make you want to place a bet on Ladbrokes’ Royal Baby Odds, or do they simply make you vaguely uncomfortable? Personally, I think they’re kind of hilarious, but that don’t make me a bettin’ man.

(Via People)