What does it mean that when Kate Middleton takes her dog for a walk, it makes headlines in People magazine (and at The Gloss, I guess)? I feel like I should say that it means we’re too obsessed with the royals and with celebrities, trailing them like drooling hounds ourselves and not respecting their privacy, and generally displaying how pathetic we are as a race.

But the thing is, I care. I care that Kate Middleton is walking her dog. I don’t know why. It makes me feel good. I mean, it makes me feel good when anybody walks their dog, because dogs are awesome and people who take good care of their dogs are awesome too. And I suppose that meaningless obsession with celebrity is a distraction from the realities of our everyday lives — but so are a lot of things. So fuck it: Kate Middleton walked her dog, I care, and here is the picture.