The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge With Their Son Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge In Bucklebury

Oh dear, it sounds like a member of The Duchess of Cambridge’s inner circle has gone and ticked off the Queen.

Prince William and Kate Middleton spent Christmas changing clothes at the Queen’s residence at Sandringham, but their happy-looking black spaniel, Lupo, was not invited, because he’s been caught trying to start shit with the Queen’s herd of royal corgis.

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The Queen’s corgis are excited to meet President Obama.

“The Queen made it clear that Lupo was not on the guest list,” a courtier let slip, according to Entertainmentwise. “The Duchess is especially fond of the puppy and was sad that he could not accompany them. He had to sit it out at her parents’ home in Berkshire.”

Bad move, Lupo. When it comes to royal dogs, the corgis definitely outrank the spaniel, who should have thought better about trying to start a fight with his stubby-legged betters. So now he is uninvited from the Queen’s residence, and had to spend Christmas with Kate’s parents at Bucklebury.

Don’t worry, he probably didn’t even notice. He’s a dog. One giant manor house with rolling green hills is just like another to him.

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Meanwhile the precious corgis got to run amok around Sandringham and be under the feet of at least 30 visiting royals. We like to imagine them wearing tiny crowns and eating fancy jellies on Christmas Eve. Some day Lupo might be the top royal dog in the U.K., but for now we will continue to enjoy the reign of the corgis.