kate upton sports illustrated 2014 flip cover

The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue had a very polarizing cover. One gentleman of our acquaintance was whipped into a Twitter rage by the sight of the cover, which featured the butts of Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge, and Nina Agdal in tiny bikini bottoms. He was upset by the lack of Kate Upton, who had been featured in some way or another on every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover since 2010, and felt the trio of bottoms was a waste of a cover.

Meanwhile another fellow we know, who has been ambivalent at best about the Swimsuit Issue’s 50 years of buxom covers, took one look and his eyes lit up as though he had just seen the Lego Millennium Falcon for the first time. He declared it Sports Illustrated’s best Swimsuit Issue cover ever. Sports Illustrated may have successfully found itself a new demographic.

But while Sports Illustrated might have been trying something new by switching its focus from boobs to butts this year, it was not about to leave its core demographic out in the cold (the way it did with Kate Upton in 2013 when it took her to Antarctica to model in a bikini). To make sure the Sports Illustrated readers did not go through Upton Cover withdrawal, the magazine saved the day with a special flip-side cover with Kate Upton in a salmon pink bikini. This time she was photographed in the Cook Islands, so at least she got to go someplace warm.

Upton fronts the “Five Decades of Sexy” retrospective, and inside she also appears floating in space. For real. Sports Illustrated sent her up in a Zero-G “weightless airline” flight to see what would happen to Kate Upton’s boobs in space. Basically what happens is she turns into Barbarella.

Photo via Sports Illustrated