Kim Kardashian‘s last workout selfie did not go over so well. Kim looked great, but the picture appeared to be heavily Photoshopped to make her waist look smaller. The Photoshop accusations ticked Kardashian off, but did not deter her from taking and posting more workout selfies, like this one. While she was taking this picture at the gym, her model sister, Kendall Jenner, decided to jump in on the butt selfie.

“Barging in on Kim’s booty selfie,” she posted alongside the picture on her Instagram account.

The workout selfie appears to have become an important part of Kim Kardashian’s discipline narrative. Posting them serves to validate her assertion that she works out all the time, which we totally believe. Discipline does not necessarily preclude Photoshop, though.

After the Photoshopping scandal that followed Kim Kardashian’s last round of workout selfies, this one was pretty much guaranteed to have everyone going over it with a magnifying glass for evidence of editing. This time around, though, the background appears to be undamaged. Straight walls are straight, none of the weights behind Kim appear to be bending in unusual ways, and basically everything looks like the real world. We see nothing that would lead us to believe this photo was Photoshopped at all.

Of course, everyone still looks great. Kardashian doesn’t need Photoshop. That’s a weird sentence to write, because nobody really needs Photoshop. Except in the sense of, “I’m a photography student at Artypants University. I need Photoshop and InDesign. Can I get a student discount?” But nobody really needs their body digitally altered for public consumption.