Kendra Wilkinson

The Girls Next Door’s Kendra Wilkinson at the Espy Awards

Okay dahlings, it’s Friday, so I’m feeling chatty. And when I get chatty, I admit things I might not normally admit. And so, well, here goes…

I am a total The Girls Next Door addict!

Kendra, Bridget, Holly – I love ’em! They’re hilarious, they’re gorgeous, they’re confident, they’re your best friend. Only a zillion times more fabulous-looking.

So here’s Kendra at the Espy Awards. She’s got her usual mega-smile going on, and she appears to be having a blast. And she looks fantastic.

Not sure if you can tell or not, but her dress is a super-light aqua-ish color, and of course, it fits her crazy-well. I love the simple accessories and the kick-ass shoes. Even though a light breeze might easily topple her over, she owns her boobaliciousness and I give her nothing but props for it.

So Kendra, dahling, you have scored Mama Snarkstress’s Seal of Approval. And tell Hef that next time he invites me to a party, I promise I’ll come…as long as you and I can do Jell-o shots together. *mwah*

Image: Newscom