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Ke$ha recently checked into a rehab center to treat her eating disorder, which was naturally reported with sensitivity and grace by most media outlets. Eating disorders are insidious illnesses that aren’t understood well enough and carry either a significant stigma or are glamorized, and everyone here at The Gloss obviously wishes Ke$ha the best in her recovery. However, there’s a limit to what I’d do to support someone, and providing him or her with my teeth might just cross that line.

An unnamed friend of Ke$ha’s is running her Twitter account, and made a rather off color request of her fans:

…More teeth? There was a first wave of teeth? Look, I really believe in the therapeutic nature of art, and I’ve seen first-hand how beneficial art therapy can be (would you have guessed that I was a pretty angst-ridden teen?). And so if making art is helping Ke$ha get through her eating disorder, then I say fantastic. If you happen to have a few extra teeth lying around, you know where to send them. But to all super fans: please, please don’t go pulling out your teeth in a misguided attempt to support your favorite celebrity. I promise you that Ke$ha doesn’t want that.

If you want to support Ke$ha as a fan without pulling out your teeth, you can:

  1. send messages of support to her various social media accounts
  2. refuse to click on articles that speculate about her eating disorder or sensationalize her disease
  3. get educated about eat disorders, and possibly even volunteer with an organization that works to help women deal with negative body image

Photo: Getty Images