Last night on The Tonight Show, Khloe Kardashian added to the growing pile of evidence that she is the koolest Kardashian by calling out her sister Kim for her willful ignorance on the subjects of Kanye West, marriage and more. Cue the cartoonishly offensive meowing sounds!

Although the sisters were fairly polished and friendly for their TV appearance, Khloe couldn’t resist getting a few digs in at Kim, enough to signal that she sees through her bullshit. For instance, when Jay Leno asked Kim about the song Kanye West wrote for her and she tried to play all coy and dumb about it, Khloe would have none of it:

Kim: “I don’t know if he wrote it for me.”

Khloe: “I feel like the lyrics kind of say he wrote it for you.”

Jay: “Isn’t the song about you?”

Kim: “I mean, I think I know him, but I didn’t ask him if it was for me.”

Khloe: “I think the song is self-explanatory — I think it definitely says it’s for her.”

Kim: “I think my name’s in it.”

Jay: “If the song has Kim Kardashian in it, chances are it’s about you.”

Kim and Kourtney, who share a brain: “It only says Kim, so it could be any Kim.”

Besides using an impressively big compound word, Khloe is clearly sick of Kim talking in her baby voice and pretending she doesn’t know about stuff that she very obviously does know about. (Isn’t this what Jon Hamm was talking about when he said people are rewarded for stupidity?) Khloe also poked a bit of fun at Kim when they were discussing momager Kris Jenner‘s brief marriage to someone else prior to Bruce Jenner, saying “it runs in the family.”

Kim then tried to get back at Khloe with the lame quip “OJ’s her dad” when Khloe was discussing the insanity of having to undergo a paternity test to prove she’s a real Kardashian. The joke fell flat, because it was terrible.

I realize being sharper and funnier than two sentient lobotomies is not a terribly difficult thing to do, and also that Khloe is still a career reality star, which is, by its very nature, gross. Still: let it be known Khloe is the koolest Kardashian. File that away in case you ever win dinner with the Kardashian sister of your choice and are forced to choose between them.

(Via Styleite)