In truth, there are a lot of things that can make you a horrible person. Swooping in front of someone to take their parking space, not watering a neighbor’s plants when you said you would, or stealing someone’s ideas at work.

But kicking animals is among the most horrible things you can do, because it’s so unlikely that the animal did anything to deserve your pathetic, spiteful wrath.

And yet, that’s what happened in the middle of an international soccer game on Sunday.

CNN reports that an owl, which was considered a good luck charm for the Atlético Junior squad, landed on the field after being hit by the soccer ball during play. A member of the opposing team, Luis Moreno, proceeded to kick the owl, launching him about three feet. He was taken to the vet, where he died two days later.

Yeah, Moreno is a horrible, terrible person. Moral: don’t kick owls.