Ever get that feeling that marketers are devoting more and more energy towards kids? You know, creating more advertising geared towards a younger audience, making parents feel like neglecters for not getting their child the newest beanie baby or whatever the fuck.

But no…you’re probably just being paranoid, right? Becoming a cynical, jaded consumer, someone who watches TV with an overly critical eye, ruining everyone else’s fun.

Well guess what? Not only are you not wrong, advertisers could give a shit if you know that you’re not wrong. In “What Kids Want: A Special Issue” AdWeek Magazine editors have this to say:

“In our first special issue on kids, we illustrate how companies are advancing their offerings to further get this young consumer demographic to pull harder on the family purse strings.”

Woah! Jesus, throw it in parents faces, why don’t you? “Yes, we are deliberately manipulating your child in order to help him or her manipulate you. Indeed — we are using your own offspring against you.”

And as if that weren’t bad enough, whoever these mystical “editors” are (I sure as shit wouldn’t want my name on that kind of nonsense either) take it one step further…just when you thought it couldn’t go any further.

One thing is certain: Recession-weary parents have helped the toy industry stay alive and thrive in a challenging environment. While they have made cuts in some areas and spent less on themselves, they haven’t nixed adding new dolls and action figures to their kids’ toy chests.

Wow, that is so nice of recession-weary parents! It’s like, you know what’s most important in these difficult times? Not family. Not love. Not togetherness. The health of toy company stock.