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I know that we’ve been joking about whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby would be named Kimye, or if it would have a different name that started with a K. For instance, “Klassy.” Klassy Kardashian had a great ring to it.

Hahahaha, no.

No, it’s so much better than that.

They named their daughter “North.”

Which… some people love the arctic tundra. If Werner Herzog had a kid, I would not be in the least surprised to find that he’d named it “North.” However, this is fantastic in this particular situation, because it means that her full name, coupled with her father’s name, is North West.

I mean, this could have been slightly worse. According to Fox News:

In March, Kardashian denied rumors that North was a name option during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

“I like Easton. Easton West. I think that’s cute,” she said at the time.

Ugh, no, not cute, not really. Not cute because you don’t name your child as you would name a whimsical summer house. You don’t go around naming them Upson Downs or whatever else you call your vacation home.

I mean, to be fair, I was going to say that’s because the kid will get teased at school, but having Kanye and Kim as parents probably guarantees that North West will not get teased at school. Or they will, but it will be by weird kids with enormous glasses who will grow up to be bloggers, so it’ll be fine.

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